Game Swap II

Game Swap II is one fast paced puzzle game. It requires attention to detail and some quick reactions. This game is basically for the puzzle lover with a quick eye. The game’s objective is to destroy the gems by matching them by color and design. This is achieved by swapping them around and creating a match of three or more with each move or swap. Gems are only destroyed in either rows or columns of three or more of the same kind. What makes the game more challenging is that for each level, you have to match the gems within the time given. So in order to progress to the next level you have to match and destroy all the gems within the given time limit. Game swap is enriching and will joggle your senses and reaction time. Be warned it is highly addictive!!

Game Outline
Destroy the gems by swapping them in to a certain matching order of three or more
-To clear a certain level, destroy all the gems in their respective patterns and positions.
-The difficulty of the patterns increases with each level change
-The game ends as soon as the timer runs out
-The game comes with a personal leader board, which you can use to challenge your own scores.
-The game is based on Adobe AIR therefore Adobe is required to run the game
-The game play is challenging but has a classical setting.
-It can be played on the honeycomb tablet
-Game options button is a small image of a gear shift on the bottom left of the screen. The options of the game allow you to adjust the game sounds from high to low depending on your preferences. The music volume can be adjusted in a similar fashion. The game supports full screen and this can be turned on or off also depending on your preferences.